About Us

Kergan Clothing was established in the summer of 2019 with it's first festivals being Art Asia and The Wickham Festival in Hampshire. Kergan Clothing's models are both family members and loyal customers who we keep in contact with to create a Kergan Community. This important ethos of 'community' is central to our business from the families we work with to the customers we meet.


Kergan Clothing had looked forward to continuing it's festival journey along with it's website when Covid- 19 struck. Like so many people we miss the vibe of the festival scene and hope that we can see all our friends and fellow stall holders next year..


Our clothing is unique and based on our own taste in clothes. The children's store is very important to us as many tots and young people like to experiment with their style, we hope that our clothes reflect this. Kergan Clothing is a family run business using only small family run businesses in India and as you will see looking at our clothing range that many items and styles go from age 2 to 102!


After a very successful 1st summer of festivals, Kergan Clothing decided to fly to India to meet the families who help design and make the clothing and accessories for our business. Boarding the plane on the 9th December we had no idea that the world would change in such a drastic way in only a few months time! 


We arrived in Delhi and travelled down to the beautiful lakes of Pushkar spending 5 amazing days talking to our Pushkar friends, sourcing unique clothing and finding an amazing family who make wall hangings along with other home luxuries. A highlight for us was watching how our stunning wall hangings were made, all stitched by hand and with such care and attention to detail. 


After a quick trip to see the Taj Mahal (it had to be done) we travelled back to Delhi to meet our other lovely family who make our beautiful children's wear before heading back to England. Flying out of Dehli was an experience as you couldn't see your hand in front of you!  


During this Covid Pandemic we have kept in close contact with our Indian families and have maintained our close working relationship.  Who knows if festivals will open next year but in the meantime do enjoy our website and stay safe and happy!